Manage your valuable assets.
Track radars, tasers, firearms, vehicles and more.

Check-in & Check-out Equipment with our Industry-leading system.
Designed with SIMPLICITY in mind. Use barcode equipment to scan your badge and assets.

As time demands & accountability are increasing, it is crucial to have an efficient tool to keep track of assets taken out in the field. Maintaining lists can become a mess of papers and signing for assets can be time consuming.

WholeTracker makes it faster to log assets while at the same time maintaining a history of accountability.

Administer staff & assets from a simple interface. Print barcode labels using the DYMO printer system.

The system is completely self contained and no internet connection is required.* Simply start the program and start scanning assets.

  • History
  • Windows Based
  • Secure
  • Simple Administration

Barcode Based

Check-in & Check-out assets with a simple scan. No more time consuming manual entries.


Generate reports for assets currently out and a staff history of check-outs.

Simple & Easy

No need to touch the interface. Simply scan your staff id, scan assets and scan to complete.

The features you want

Start & Scan

Fast & Simple

As soon as you start the application it is ready to scan staff barcodes. You can also select with your mouse or search with a keyboard.

Staff Asset Check-In/Out

Staff Asset Check-In/Out

After a staff has been selected you can immediately scan assets in & out. If an asset has already been checked out, scanning it again will check it in.

Asset Administration

Administration: Assets

Add, remove, update and print barcode labels for assets all from one location. Archive assets that are out on repair.

Staff Administration

Administration: Staff

Administer staff and print barcodes on your DYMO Labelwriter printer. Archive staff who are on leave to keep your lists clean.

Administration Settings

Administration: Settings

Password protect your administration pages. Restrict staff selection input so only barcode id's can be used.

Adminstration Reporting

Administration: Reporting

View a detailed list of assets currently checked out & to which staff. View a check-out & check-in history on individual staff.

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