Support Information

Initial Setup

The first time you open the software, you will see this screen.  Enter the supplied LICENSE KEY that came with the software.  This LICENSE KEY will need to be entered each time you perform an update or upgrade. 

WholeTracker - Admin Settings

Next enter an admin password that will be used to access the admin side of the software.  If you lose or forget the password, it can be reset by entering the LICENSE KEY.

Finally, choose whether to de-activate the keyboard or keep it activated.  Keeping it activated will allow staff to enter other staff members’ names and log assets in or out using the keyboard and mouse.  The scanner will still work as well for logging members in. 

The gears icon located at the top right corner will allow access to the admin side of the software.  The circle and bar icon at the top right serve as the quit button for the software.

Staff Login

This is the window all staff will use to start the login procedure.  Each staff member will be given their own barcode they can scan to login.

WholeTracker - Staff Login

NOTE: If you choose to run your system with the keyboard turned on, you will see a members list and any name in that list can be accessed via keyboard and mouse as well as the barcode scanner.

Asset Logging

Once the member has scanned their barcode, the software will open a logging window.  As assets are scanned, they will populate the "your assets" window.  When all assets have been logged out or back in again, the member will scan a large COMPLETE barcode.  By scanning the COMPLETE barcode, the transaction is now done and the assets are logged out to that member until they log them back in.  When a member returns at the end of shift, all they have to do is the same process again and all assets are logged back in and available for another staff.

WholeTracker - Asset Logging

NOTE: Assets do not all have to be logged out at once.  For instance if a member arrives for shift and logs out a holster to put on their duty belt, all they have to do when they return to get the rest of their assets is log back in and keep adding to the list.  Every time an asset is scanned, it simply appears or disappears from the members list of assets.

From start to finish, it takes approximately 15 seconds to log out 6 assets.

Admin · Overview

To access the admin area of the software, click on the gears at the top right corner of the window.

WholeTracker - Admin Password

An Admin Password window will appear.  Type the password in the window. 

If you lose or forget the password, type in the License Key - It will reset the admin password.

WholeTracker - Admin Overview

The main Admin window will display the number of assets and staff registered into the system (Overview).

You will also see the number of assets that are currently logged out to members. To re-access this window, click on overview.

Admin · Asset Management

This window is where you register and edit your assets.  Once they are entered into the system, this is where you will print your asset barcodes.

WholeTracker - Admin Asset Management

Description is where you enter the assets long name (Tazer X26 - 2014 issue and prior)

Custom ID is seen on the barcode label (TZ #01)

If an asset is no longer available in your inventory you can 'Archive' the asset. Archived assets will still appear in reports, but not in the asset logging window for staff.

NOTE: This software is a great way to keep track of current and previous assets.  Keeping previous assets available in the system will allow them to be included in reports that are printed when the assets have been returned to GHQ or replaced (ex. High rollover of CEWs).

Admin · Staff Management

This window is the same as Asset Management.  Simply enter all your members and their badge numbers

WholeTracker - Admin Staff Management

Fill-in other fields as required

Once they have been entered, print a barcode for each member.  It will ID them when they log in.

NOTE: Make sure your printer is plugged in before you launch the software.  If the printer is offline, there will be an exclamation mark over it (as seen in the picture above).

Admin · Reports

This area allows the administrator to generate reports.

WholeTracker - Admin Reporting

Generate a current list of assets that are logged out.  It will show what asset is logged out (Incl. Serial number), who logged it out and when it was logged out.

You can also pick staff and generate a report of everything they have logged out - when the  assets were logged out and back in again.

(NEW! - v1.0.5137) Select an asset to generate a report of every staff that has logged that item out and back in.

NOTE: Future versions of the software will allow for more flexibility of reports generated.

Admin · Printing

WholeTracker - Admin Printing

In this window, the administrator can generate a COMPLETE and CANCEL barcode.  These simplify and accelerate the process of logging out and back in again.

NOTE: We have found that separating the COMPLETE and CANCEL barcodes has cut down on operator errors.  We have also created a printable document with a large COMPLETE and a small CANCEL.


Admin · Data

WholeTracker - Admin Data Management

This window will generate Excel files of all assets and staff members.  These files can be helpful in reconciling or counting of members or assets.  It is helpful for managers who are tasked with tracking all assets within the detachment.

Admin · Settings

WholeTracker - Admin Settings

This area will allow for re-entry of the License Key or changing the Admin Password.

The administrator can also turn the keyboard off and on in the asset logging window.

NOTE: An internet connection is required when entering your License Key so it can be validated.